UGREEN - 40356 Nylon Velcro เมจิกเทป ตีนตุ๊กแก เวลโครเทป พันเก็บสาย 5 / Loop Wraps Reusable Fastening Cable Ties Straps Strips for Cords Wire Management

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UGREEN รุ่น 40356 Nylon Velcro เมจิกเทป ตีนตุ๊กแก เวลโครเทป พันเก็บสาย 5M

Convenient Straps for Cords
Ugreen cable fastening tape is a low profile and economical option of computer, appliance and electronic cord organization, management and storage. With hook material on one side and loop material on the other, this high quality fastening tape is designed for you to tie cables or other fastening/attaching needs. Wraps onto itself for secure hold, ensuring the strap stays with the cord so it doesn't get lost. With our adjustable, reusable multi-purpose cable ties, you will fall in love with cable management! 




Hook & Loop Cable Ties
Clean up the clutter and make those loose cables look neat and tidy.
Take control of computer and electronics cord clutter.
Cut the lengths that you need. Whether you are doing a 1/2" or 10" bundle of cables you can cut the length you need for the job. 
Much easier to work with than standard zip ties and they give you the added benefit of being reusable. 
Reduce cable damage and labor and time cost.

Fastening Ties Specification
- Length: 5m
- Width: 0.78 inch(2cm) 
- Color: Black 
- Quantity: 1 Roll/ Pack
- Material: roll of hook & loop material with hook material on one side and loop material on the other 
- Use: thousands of uses, just use your imagination











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